Pastoral Kfar Blum Hotel

A cultural getaway

In the heart of the Hula Valley in the Upper Galilee, surrounded by green spaces and the chirping of birds, lies the Pastoral Hotel -
a meeting place for people who love getting away, culture, nature, music and the written word. The hotel offers a comfortable, peaceful getaway experience for couples and families, together with close proximity to all the main attractions of the Upper Galilee region, including Lake Hula, Manara Cliff, Mt. Hermon, wineries, museums and motor sports.

 The hotel welcomes guests who are vaccinated or have recovered from Corona, and who carry a valid certificate.

Guests from the age of 3, who are neither vaccinated nor recovered Corona patients, may choose one of two alternatives:

present a negative result of a PCR test performed up to 72 hours prior to arrival; or have a quick PCR test upon arrival at the hotel (for a fee) and every 24 hours throughout their stay.