Vacation in the north for families

The Pastoral Hotel - the perfect place for a family vacation.

Our large, spacious family rooms are perfect for couples with up to two children, while families with three or more children can choose from a broad selection of inter-connecting rooms. Enjoy the freedom of skipping from your balcony directly onto green lawns; the local countryside; playground facilities; and plenty of space for jumping around and playing. And while the children are running wild on the lawn, parents can rest peacefully, enjoying the clean air and magical views that surround the entire hotel. In the sunny summer days, children tend to take up permanent residence at the hotel's Olympic-sized pool, surrounded by grassy areas, sun umbrellas and shaded corners, making the most of the water, background music and general fun. Even toddlers have their own small shallow pool. In the cooler months, you can enjoy a wide range of exciting Galilean attractions located within a short drive of the hotel - kayaking, four-wheel driving, cycling, horse riding and more. Or, you can take a family walk or hike through the charming natural surroundings of the hotel.

A culinary experience for children at the Pastoral Hotel

At the Pastoral Hotel, it’s not only the parents who get to savor the fine flavors created by the hotel chef. Children also enjoy a huge range of treats and surprises. At breakfast, there are pancakes, yoghurts, Belgian waffles, freshly-baked muffins, cereals of all colors, hot or cold chocolate milk, and more. At lunch and dinner, we offer a children's corner of schnitzels, chicken rings, French fries, hot dogs, sausage rolls, pastas and sweet corn-on-the-cob – all the foods that children love. The snack bar at the pool also offers quick, light meals for wet, hungry children - hamburgers, fries, soft drinks, ice creams, slushes and more. And at the end of the day, children are invited to the lobby-bar restaurant to indulge in sweet and savory snacks, milkshakes, pizzas, toasted sandwiches, chocolate cakes and more.

Activities and programs for the whole family – throughout the year, and during the holidays

As a hotel that has made it its mission to create a first-class hospitality experience and become renowned for its musical events, the Pastoral Hotel offers a range of quality activities for children and the whole family, including concerts, workshops, games and more. On the festivals of Shavuot and Rosh Hashana, for example, we offer families staying at the hotel a truly varied, quality musical program - different morning workshops, afternoon shows and performances for the whole family, and in the evening, performances and events for adult guests. Our special activities for children include creative workshops in origami, working with leather or glass, making African masks or mobiles, ceramics, crafts with natural materials, like pumpkins and pine cones (yes, that’s right - we are out in nature!), design and molding fondant icing, cooking classes, chocolate making, juggling, balance and circus tricks, giant boardgames, story hours…. the list of surprises goes on and on.