Pastoral Kfar Blum - Attractions

Start your car and set out for the lush green Galilee, where everything is close by and accessible, yet totally cut off from the hustle and bustle …
Visit the Hula Valley to watch the migrating birds and listen to the rushing rivers at the foot of Mt. Hermon, in this green island of tranquility and calm – a true pastoral paradise.
Kfar Blum Kayaks

Kfar Blum Kayaks - River Rafting

Kfar Blum and Beit Hillel Kayaks is located within a short walk from the hotel. The activities offered: Rafting/kayaking on a route suitable for the family or rafting/kayaking on a longer, adventurous route. Top Rope, Israel’s largest adventure park: a 12-meter-high artificial-stone climbing wall, rappelling, a huge zip-line over the Jordan river, a large Himalayan bridge and additional rope bridges of different sizes, target archery and much more. Tel: 1700-50-66-11

The following attractions are located 10-30 minutes from the hotel by car

Playing with snakes!! -  An exciting activity and experience at Eli's reptiles farm
Eli's reptile farm is located at  Kibbutz Sde Nehemiya, just 5 km from Pastoral Hotel
At Eli's reptile farm you will find a variety of  colorful snakes from all  around the world . Tarantulas from Central America, Australian Leaf – Insects, Roaches from Madagascar and more .
Eli will guide you through your exciting visit . Call us to coordinate your next visit at 052-3554790 -  Eli Burshtain

Bicycle and golf cart trips in the Galilee and the Golan - the perfect trip for everyone.  
Riding on bikes and golf carts along the Jordan River, we will pass corn fields and fish ponds, stopping at shady nooks along the way, to arrive at a spectacularly beautiful waterfall.  
Upon presentation of your Pastoral hotel guest card, you will receive a 10% discount on renting any type of bicycle, and a 5% discount on golf carts.  
To let us know you’re coming and check our opening hours, please call:  052-2839361, 04-6903769