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Internet Site Rules and Regulations
Valid for tourists only


The Internet site, is the official site of Pastoral Hotel, a private limited company, number 550013718, and operator of the Pastoral Hotel (hereinafter, “the hotel”).

Room reservations can be made directly to the hotel phone number:
+972-4-6836611 or through this Internet site.
Reservations through this site can be made with specific conditions. Users must declare that they have read the "Rules and Regulations" form and agree to the conditions in full. Users must also agree that they, or any third party acting on their behalf, will not lodge any complaint and / or demand and / or lawsuit directly and / or indirectly against the Internet site and / or against the hotel and / or anyone operating on their behalf. Users making reservations through this Internet site are required to fill in their personal details, including ID or passport number and credit card details. Filling any incorrect personal details will result in taking legal action against the customer for any damages that may be caused to the Internet site and / or to the hotel and / or to a third part on their behalf.

The credit card details forwarded through the Internet site are for the purpose of securing the reservation only. The actual full credit card debit will only be executed upon arrival at the hotel. At the end of the online reservation process, the customer will receive an automatic e-mail message confirming the reservation. The customer is required to print the contents of this message and present it upon arrival at the hotel reception.

Conditions and limitations

1. The prices quoted in the Hebrew Internet site, are in New Israeli Shekels, including VAT and are intended for Israeli citizens only. The prices quoted in the English Internet site are in U.S. Dollars and are intended for foreign citizens only (who do not hold an Israeli citizenship). The actual payment for foreign citizens will be executed upon arrival at the hotel in foreign currency.
2. The hotel is free to change the conditions and rates at any time.
3. The number of available rooms at the hotel is limited. Therefore, a confirmation of a reservation is subject to availability only.
4. Arrival at the hotel is allowed starting 3:00 pm and departure no later than 11:00 am. Arrival and / or departure on different hours require the hotel's approval and might involve an additional fee.
5. Baby – under 2 years of age. Child – between 2-12 years of age.
6. Hotel reservations are to be made by adults above the age of 18. The accommodation of children and youth under the age of 18 is available only if accompanied by an adult over the age of 21.
7. The pictures on this website are for illustration purposes only and do not oblige the hotel.
8. Errors and omissions expected.

Cancellation of reservation

Reservations may be cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to arrival, with no cancellation fee.
Reservations which will be cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to arrival (including non-show reservations), will be charged a cancellation fee of one night for each room reserved, on bed & breakfast basis.