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Internet Site Rules and Regulations
Valid for tourists only

The website the official website of Pastoral Kfar Blum,
P.C. 550013718 which operates the Pastoral Kfar Blum Hotel (Hereinafter: The Hotel). Accommodations can be reserved at the hotel through this website, or via email [email protected]or by telephone at: 04-6836611.
Guests reserving a room through this website declares that they have read these articles and agrees with all of its provisions and terms, and that they and/or any party acting on their behalf will have no allegation and/or demand and/or claim, directly or indirectly, against the website and/or against the Hotel and/or any party acting on its behalf.
Guests reserving accommodations through this website will be required to enter personal details, including ID Number or Passport Number and credit card number.
Entering false personal information will result in the legal measures against the party submitting the details, including filing of claims for damages that may be incurred by the website and/or Hotel and/or any party acting on their behalf.
Credit card details entered on the website are for securing the reservation and if the terms of cancellation apply the customer will be charged on this card.
Payment for hospitality will be executed at the hotel upon check-out.
Once the reservation process has been completed, the guest will receive an automatic SMS confirming the reservation, including the reservation number. Customers must print the content of this message and bring it with them to the Hotel, and present it to reception.
**The wording is in masculine form but covers both men and women.
Reservation of rights
All rights on the website are reserved exclusively for the Hotel. The Pastoral logo and trademarks displayed on the website belong to the Hotel. No information appearing on this website may be copied, duplicated, distributed, sold or amended without the expressed written approval of the Hotel, except in circumstances of downloading information for personal and not commercial use.
1.       Terms and restrictions
a.       The prices appearing on the website are in NIS, including VAT and are for Israeli citizens only. For customers who have foreign citizenship (who do not hold dual Israeli citizenship), rooms can be booked through the website in dollars based on the rates published on the English language website. Payment will be executed at the hotel in the foreign currency, or in NIS based on the representative rate of the dollar on the date of payment, as published by the Bank of Israel. Tourists presenting during check-in at the hotel a foreign passport and Form B2 are entitled to an exemption from VAT. This exemption is only granted for reservation made for the tourist himself. Guests of the tourists or anyone not presenting the aforementioned documents are not entitled to an exemption even if they are staying int eh same room or under the same reservation.
b.       The Hotel may change at any time the terms for accepting reservations and the price of accommodations. The number of spaces is limited and reservations for accommodations is based on availability of spaces only.
c.       Guests stay at the Hotel will commence upon the day of their arrival at 15:00 and until 11:00 on the day of check-out. Check-in or check-out before/after the said times is subject to advanced approval of Hotel Management and might incur a surcharge.
d.       Infants – under the age of two. Child – between the ages of two and ten years of age.
e.       Guest reservations at the hotel will be possible only for adults aged 18 or older. Children and teens under the age of 18 is possible only with supervision of an adult over the age of 21 only.
f.        Images on the website are for demonstration purposes only and are not binding on the Hotel.
g.       The Hotel is not responsible for any error made by the guest in entering the reservation details, including errors in date, age and/or number of guests, number of rooms and any other service ordered through the website.
h.       Pets are not allowed on hotel premises. Guide dogs may be allowed upon presentation of certified confirmation of vaccinations and service animal.
Terms of cancellation of the reservation
1.                   Reservations may be cancelled in one of the following ways:
a.     The Hotel’s Reservation Department
       Sunday-Thursday between 08:00-17:00
       Friday and holiday eve between 08:00-11:00.
(a)     Telephone – 04-6836611
(b)     Email [email protected]any email received after the regular hours of the Reservation Department listed above will be considered as having arrived on the next business day.
b.       The Hotel’s homepage – the guest will enter the reservation file on the website and cancel.
In order to enter the reservation file on the website, the client will use email provided during the reservation and password assigned upon confirmation of reservation that was sent via email (found at the bottom of the page).
2.       Guests reserving an accommodation through the website may cancel the reservation in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law 5741-1981 (“The Law”) within 14 days of the date of reservation, pursuant to the cancellation having been carried out at least two days, which are not days of rest, prior to the date on which the service was scheduled to having been provided. Guests cancelling the accommodation as specified (not for reasons of defect or unsuitability as set forth in the Law) will not be charged the cancellation fee.
3.       Guests who cancel the reservation not within the 14 days as specified in the Law, will be subject to the reservation cancellation policy of the hotel:
a.                   If the reservation is cancelled from the date of the transaction and up to 3 days prior to the date of the accommodation – the guest will be charged a cancellation fee of NIS 100 (one hundred) per room.
b.                   If the reservation is cancelled 3 days or less from the scheduled accommodation – the guest will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the value of the transaction.
c.                   If the guest made a reservation and failed to arrive at the hotel without having issued notice of the cancellation, the guest will be charged 100% of the value of the total reservation.
4.       Cancellation fees in August, Israel holidays and ‘musical weekends”:
a.                   If a reservation is cancelled between the date of the transaction and up to 14 days prior to the date of the accommodation – the guest will be charged a cancellation fee of NIS 100 (one hundred) per room.
b.                   If a reservation is cancelled in less than 14 days from the date of accommodation the Guest will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the value of the transaction.
c.                   If the guest makes a reservation and fails to arrive without having issued notice of cancellation, the guest will be charged 100% of the total value of the reservation.
Limit of liability
 The Hotel and/or any party acting on its behalf and/or any of its owners is not liable for any damage that may be caused as a result of a failure or delay of use of the website, including attempt to place a reservation. It will also not be liable for the server through which the website works, will be clear and free of viruses or other parties that may harm the guest’s computer upon entering the website. The Hotel and/or any party acting on its behalf and/or any of its owners are not liable for information from third parties that is displayed on the website, including ads.
For the user’s convenience of the Hotel website, the website may include from time to time links to other websites on the internet and the Hotel will bear no liability for information appearing on the linked websites as specified
"Musical Club"
The Pastoral Musical Club is a unique customer club that provides its members with regular benefits throughout the year and mail campaigns and special vacations at exclusive prices for club members.
Registration to the Musical Club is free of charge subject to the articles of association:
1.       Hotel management reserves the right to make changes in the terms of the club.
2.       The excellent discount will be given off the official Hotel price list.
3.       Pastoral Kfar Blum Hotel will be entitled to send updates via email to every user who joins through the Hotel’s Customer Club website and the user will have no allegation and/or claim and/or demand in this matter.
4.       The benefit for Musical Club members will provide customers who make the reservation through the Hotel website only.
5.       There are no duplicate sales and benefits.
6.       E&OE.
Methods and procedures for change and cancellation of reservations placed through the Pastoral website:
1.       Change of reservation:
a.       A change in reservation cannot be made directly through the website. Customers who made reservations and who want to change it may do so via email or direct telephone at the following: email support: [email protected], telephone for clarifications: 04-683-6611.
b.       Cancellation of the order:
a.       Customers who made reservations through the Website will receive a user name and password on the confirmation of the reservation made. Reservations may be cancelled from any home page through the category “My Reservation’ file at the bottom of the homepage. Customers will be required to enter in the designated space the user name email address and password they received along with the confirmation of reservation.
b.      Once the user name and password was entered, the reservation can be cancelled by clicking on the ‘cancellation’ button, and if the reservation satisfies the terms of cancellation of the price list. Cancellation of a reservation is contingent upon the cancellation policy defined in the articles of association.
c.       If the reservation does not satisfy the terms of cancellation, and the cancellation button does not appear in the “My Reservations File”, it must be cancelled by contacting the Hotel that was reserved or with the Reservation call center at telephone 04-683-661 or by sending an email to [email protected]
Cancellation methods
Reservations made through the website may be cancelled by sending a Notice of Cancellation message; “Notice of Cancellation” – notice that the guest sends in any of the following manners, and that includes the name of the guest and the ID number, and whether the Notice of Cancellation was issued verbally, as well as another identifying detail that was agreed upon during the reservation. Notice of Cancellation can be issued in any of the following manners:
1.                   Verbal – at telephone 04-6836611
2.                   Verbal notice at the place of business, at Pastoral Hotel, Kfar Blum 121500 Upper Galilee
3.                   Registered mail at Pastoral Hotel, Kfar Blum 1215000 Upper Galilee
4.                   Via email [email protected]
5.                   By fax 04-683-6600
6.                   Online – through “Reservations File” at Pastoral website –
For questions / requests / additional clarifications, please mail [email protected]or call our reservation call center at 04-6836611 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.