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Pastoral Kfar Blum Hotel -

Theater and conference hall

A Different Kind of Opera
New! (Opening September 2018)

'Opera' – theater and conference hall
Pastoral Hotel Kfar Blum
Far from the madding crowd, adjacent to a Galilean olive grove and facing the breathtaking view of the Golan, Mt. Hermon and the Naphtali mountains, stands Opera Hall, one of the most modern and advanced in Israel. The impressive theater and conference hall, designed in Tuscan style, occupying over 2600 sq. m., blends in naturally with the Galilee landscape and the tranquil green expanses that surround Pastoral Hotel. Guests will reach the Hall via the "Cascina", the Italian square court, which has at its center a well-tended garden encompassed by a colonnade and at its center a fountain. The architectural concept maintains the character and vision of Hotel Pastoral.
Seating arrangements and halls complex

Opera Hall enables flexible seating arrangements, the creation of secondary halls, and suits groups of varying sizes.
Possible seating arrangements:
  • Theater seating in hall – up to 450 people
  • Seated at tables in hall – up to 250 people
  • Seated at tables in hall and foyer, without a partition – up to 450 people
  • Standing – up to 800 people

Division of hall into sections

The hall can be divided into three by using two acoustic partitions. Erecting the partitions creates a main hall of 270 sq. m. and two side areas each covering 90 sq. m. The partitions between the foyer and the auditorium can be folded and thus enable the creation of one area encompassing 840 sq. m. and the area can be adapted to extensive fairs and exhibitions.

The spacious foyer is surrounded by conference rooms, a generous drinks bar and a kitchen catering refreshments and meals for 450 guests during a reception or in gala dinner style in the building's open space.
Finest cuisine

Dishes of the hotel's chef are served in two styles: a reception with hot and cold refreshments in the foyer, or gala dinners hosting up to 450 people. One can enjoy dairy or meat menus, all of which are kosher, using high quality local ingredients that create a rich, tempting Galilean menu. Guests of Opera Hall have at their disposal a generous drinks bar facing the foyer.

Advanced technology

At the site innovative technological equipment and systems are installed, among them advanced amplification systems, screens, projectors and lighting controlled from a central control room, also projection and scenery displays.

Hosting of artists and equipment

At the edge of the stage, artists' and staff rooms, storage spaces, sophisticated arrays of lighting, sound and projection have been built. The artists' rooms include private parking.
Design and development

The building was designed by the architects Gadi Rubinstein (A.B. Design) and Noam and Rachel Hatuka (from Mode Architects Office). The complex construction was designed by Eng. Dotan Reichart (Reichart Engineers and Consultants) and professional consultation (auditorium, stage systems and equipment) was entrusted to architect David Braslavi.
Lobby (foyer))
The horizontal floor encompasses 370 sq. m. For a reception or sponsors' exhibition the partition between the foyer and the auditorium can be folded away, creating a joint space of 840 sq. m.

Elevation: 95 cm. Stage key: 12.5 meters wide, stage depth: 8 meters long. Electric front screen. Back door for stage equipment and decor.

Technical equipment
You have at your disposal an advanced variety of technical equipment including amplification, screening (screens and projectors) and lighting systems controlled by a central control room. Likewise, there are booms for projector screens and scenery, an equipment storeroom and scenery storeroom including direct access via elevated loading ramp.

Equipment storeroom
For efficiency: chairs are piled on trolleys, dining tables fold up and exhibition boards are folded up from the hall's surface directly into a storage room at the side of the hall.

Opera Hall is part of the hospitality and conference campus in Kfar Blum that includes:

Hotel Pastoral 189 guest rooms
Opera 450 people (can be divided into 3 halls), located at the hotel complex
Beit Ha'am 650 people – fixed chairs and sloping floor, within walking distance of the hotel
Clore Center 210 people – fixed chairs and sloping floor, within walking distance of the hotel
Symphony 320 people (can be divided into 3 spaces), within the hotel's main building
Lecture and conference rooms
Sonata Up to 24 people – in Opera complex
Rhapsody Lobby area up to 40 people – in Opera complex
Rondo Up to 18 people – in main building
Serenade 1 Up to 40 people – in main building
Serenade 2 Up to 80 people – in main building

Altogether 9 meeting spaces

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Download the Opera Hall document Download the Opera Hall document

Download an opera theater sketch Download a drawing of a hall
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