Body Treatments

A classic full body massage with almond oil which helps release tight muscles promotes blood circulation reduces tension. Recommended for general relaxation.

A therapeutic massage, which reaches the deepest layers of muscles, treats the tense area within that causes pain, inflammation, and limited motion of the muscles and joints.

An ancient American Indian treatment, combining oil, hot river stones, and healing hands, to create a sense of muscle release and relaxation.

A gentle, holistic full body massage, using extracts of natural essential oils, which help in removing toxins from the body, reducing tension, and relaxing tight muscles.

A unique treatment technique focusing on pressure points and massage of the feet for balance, relaxation, and tension relief.

A treatment that focuses on the extremities of the body: arms, feet, and head. The treatment affects the whole body, creating a sense of tranquillity and release.

A relaxing professional treatment with wheat germ oil that helps relieve stress and discomfort.
*Permitted from the 16th week of a healthy pregnancy.

A treatment combining massage techniques suited to each individual needs. The treatment relaxes tight muscles, reduces tension, and promotes relaxation.

Treatments from the Far East

A treatment based on traditional yoga principles.
This bodywork includes stretching & pressing pressure points and is carried out slowly, contributing to the release of tension and relaxation.
* This is a dry treatment (without oil) carried out on a bed while wearing comfortable clothing

A Far Eastern physical & energetic treatment.
This traditional bodywork includes pressure points and stretching along the meridians (energy channels) supporting the balance between body & spirit.
*A dry treatment (without oil) carried out on a bed, wearing comfortable clothing

Traditional Indian treatment for the balancing of body and spirit. Heated sesame oil is drawn along the energy channels of the entire body using a unique massage technique.
The treatment is completed with heated sesame oil poured gently on the center of the forehead, accompanied by a facial and scalp massage
* The treatment is generally carried out in the nude with a suitable covering.

Peeling Treatments

A balancing body treatment that releases all tension, and makes optimal use of the relaxing, healing properties of lavender.
It begins with an invigorating massage using salt flakes and oil extracts, followed by a refreshing shower.
Followed by a body massage using almond oil and Galilean lavender oil, which relieves tension and leaves the body and mind relaxed and balanced.

A treatment for cleansing the skin and removing dead cells through an invigorating body scrub using salt crystals and patchouli and vanilla essential oils.
A short shower is followed by a massage using unique patchouli and vanilla body serum, leaving the skin renewed and enriched.

Four Seasons - House Treatments

An all-rejuvenating treatment that awakens the body from its winter hibernation.
Beginning with a body peel, rich in lavender extract, the treatment is followed by a light shower and continues with a massage using almond oil and Galilean lavender oil.
We end with a foot massage treatment that improves and balances the body's function.

Let's refresh, with a body peel that includes lemon and mint extracts, followed by a light shower and then a body massage with shea butter or grape seed oil for deep body nourishment,
Leaving a feeling of lightness and softness that is especially suited to hot days.

The dryness that comes with the transition between seasons will be relieved through a body massage with natural oils that have an intoxicating aroma.
The treatment is completed with a facial mask rich in pomegranate extract, containing antioxidants and leaving the skin feeling soft and looking radiant.

A nourishing, warming, enveloping, and liberating body treatment that combines prolonged massage incorporating hot stones and ending with Shirodhara - warm almond oil poured over the center of the forehead (the third eye).
Perfect in winter, or any time of year.

A unique experience - a journey that combines massage and guided imagery and all the senses.
Accompanied by the sound of the waters of the Jordan River, we will combine movement, touch, and scented oils that will enable us to reach a deep, healing state of mind.
At the end of the treatment, almond oil is poured gently on the center of the forehead (the third eye) leaving the mind and body peaceful and relaxed.

A relaxing treatment that leaves the body and soul in peaceful harmony.
First, almond oil is poured gently on the center of the forehead (the third eye), preparing you for an invigorating head and scalp massage.
A pampering foot massage completes this treatment for maximum relaxation. At the end of the treatment, a glass of Galilean wine is served.

Cosmetic treatments

Advanced anti-aging treatment A powerful anti-aging treatment combining active ingredients and peptides, to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
The treatment includes exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, using a combination of active peptide-based ingredients, for an immediately visible result.

Intensive moisturizing ampoule for an extra-radiant look.
This iconic treatment experience from professional German cosmetics giant, BABOR, includes a two-phase cleansing ritual, followed by the most intensive application of beauty-treatment therapy using ampules containing a high concentration of natural active ingredients, individually tailored to the needs of the skin.
This intensive treatment delivers immediately visible results, along with a long-lasting effect.

Based on the theory of aromatherapy, this classic beauty treatment instantly improves the skin's moisture levels and radiance, while fighting the effects of time.
The treatment includes deep cleansing (comedones), light peeling, professional massage and a particularly nourishing mask for skin that looks young and moisturized.

Couples' packages

    Couple’s package includes:
  • Couple’s body treatment in a private room | 50 minutes
  • Jacuzzi | 30 minutes
    Couple’s package includes:
  • Couple’s body treatment in a private room | 50 minutes
  • Foot treatment / Galilean oil pouring treatment | 25 minutes (choice)
  • Jacuzzi | 30 minutes

Immersion in a warm Jacuzzi enriched with aromatic oils and bath salts, in a candlelit room with relaxing music in the background.
*For 1-2 people
**Can be combined with treatments.


in addition to other treatments

An alternative to oil and rich in minerals, body butter moisturizes, softens, and nourishes the skin, leaving it silky and especially fragrant.

Facial, head, and scalp massage that includes hot almond oil being poured on the center of the forehead (the third eye).

Gentle, soothing foot treatment, or gentle, balanced reflexology massage, stimulates healthy body functions, creates a sense of relaxation and reduces stress.


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